Fundkite Vs. Supervest ® MCA For Investors


Since 2015, we view our ourselves as innovators in the MCA Industry with proprietary technology, processes and products. As a result, our team and approach has been featured by top industry and financial media outlets. FundKite's experienced team makes our application process incredibly fast, and our boutique financing approach allows our algorithms to develop offers tailored to business's unique needs and growth goals. Most importantly, we believe in 100% transparency. 

A Comparative Analysis of Fundkite And Supervest ®

Information is based on publicly available information that FundKite believes to be accurate.
†† Supervest is a registered trademark owned by Supervest, LLC.

Minimum Amount$0


FundsFunds are held in your bank account until you
select a deal to particpate in. 
Supervest ® needs investors to deposit funds before matching them with a funding opportunity. Unused balances are held in the account and only cash balances can be withdrawn.
Settlement of FundsWhen merchant payments are collected,
funds are settled directly into your bank
Funds are held by Supervest ®
Deal SelectionFundkite sources deals directly and through a network of brokers.Unknown
UnderwritingFundkite's in-house underwriting team is trained to handle the fast processing of A/R funds. Proprietary technology allows us to rapidly assess the credit-worthiness of a business to provide funding opportunities.Supervest ® uses outside or third-party underwriting. This delayed underwriting process leads to slow processing of funds. 
Source of FundsFundkite invests balance sheet capital along side you. Thus we take the same riskSupervest ® uses investor capital
CollectionsFundkite has a full in-house legal team to persue defaults and collection matters.Relies on 3rd party collection companies.
Operating Since20152018

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FundKite offers a flexible and transparent MCA investment opportunity that is designed to provide superior returns while mitigating risk through prudent credit analysis and cash flow management.