A selection of informative and insightful content just for small business owners

Building and Managing a Business Emergency Fund

Maintain and manage emergency funds to protect your business from unexpected financial crises. 

Funding A Small Business Without Collateral

Can you get a business loan without collateral? Get the answer to that, to what is collateral, and to the ways you can get similar small business loans for startups.

12 Top Small Business Funding Options for Business Owners

Our expert guide to business funding will help you find the right financing solution for your business. Consider the business loans' pros & cons for an informed decision.

Credit Card Processing Fees Guide for Small Business Owners

Small businesses pay a credit card processing fee of 1.5% to 3.5%. Check out our guide to learn about these merchant fees and the way to calculate them.

How to Offset or Reduce Credit Card Payment Processing Fees

Discover effective strategies to offset or reduce credit card payment processing fees for your business. Explore actionable steps to lower these expenses.

18 Tax Planning Strategies to Save on Business Taxes

Discover tax planning strategies for businesses to optimize savings: from deductions and credits to smart structuring. Learn how to navigate the tax landscape. 

Purchase Order Financing Guide: Pros & Cons

Purchase order financing can stabilize your cash flow and impact business growth. Check our detailed guide on PO financing and learn how to qualify for it.

6 Tips To Build Your Business Credit Fast

Discover 6 effective tips to quickly build your business credit score in our detailed guide. Learn the importance of a good score and how to maintain it.

4 LLC Tax Advantages and Classifications For Your Business

LLC tax advantages will have a beneficial impact on your business. Check out our detailed guide on LLC taxation and learn how much an LLC can write off.

5 Shopify Payment Methods: How to Choose the Right One

The right Shopify payment method will help you maximize your customer satisfaction and drive more sales. Learn how to choose the best one for your store here.

Recourse vs. Non-Recourse Factoring: Pros and Cons

Resource, Non-recourse factoring are other types of factoring working for business cash flow management. Check our detailed guide to know the pros and cons.

How to Make Money on Shopify: 20 Store Ideas to Consider

Curious about how to make money on Shopify? Check our detailed guide and find possible 20 store ideas to start your online business.

Factoring Agreements, Terms, & Fees: Mistakes to Avoid

Factoring agreements are complex documents to pay attention to. Check our article with common terms and fees and find the common mistakes to avoid while signing.

Reimbursable Expenses For A Small Business

Discover the ins and outs of reimbursable expenses here. Learn how to efficiently manage and report costs with our business expense reimbursement guide.

Manufacturing Accounting: A Guide for Manufacturers

Manufacturing accounting is a key aspect of maintaining efficient production. Check here various accounting and costing methods for manufacturing businesses.

5 Negative Effects of Inflation on Business: How to Adjust

Our guide covers the major negative effects and consequences of inflation on businesses. Learn the important tips to adjust your business or retail for inflation.

Small Business Cash Flow Management: 5 Useful Strategies

Maximize your business's financial success with effective cash flow management. Set a solid cash flow plan, and learn how to manage it effectively.

YOY Formula: Calculate Business Year-Over-Year Growth

Learn how to calculate year-over-year growth for your business with the YOY formula in our guide. Check out the main benefits your small business can achieve. 

10 Causes Why Businesses Fail: How Invoice Factoring Helps

Discover the top 10 reasons why businesses fail. Find the tips to improve your business operations and use invoice factoring to avoid business failure.

Budgeting & Finance Forecasting for Your Small Business

Get insights on the budgeting and forecasting process for small businesses. Find the difference between a budget and a forecast outlined with their top benefits. 

What is a Good Credit score: Tips for Improvement

Check what a good business credit score is by understanding its importance, and the factors that impact it. Learn the steps to improve your credit score.

What is Invoice Factoring: How it Works & Benefits

Invoice factoring is a type of business funding allowing small businesses to manage their finances and get funds quickly. Check our guide for other benefits.

The Benefits of Business Intelligence in Retail

Check out our guide on the main benefits of retail business intelligence and learn how to execute it to boost productivity and increase the revenue of your retail.

How to Structure & Write an Impressive Flower Shop Business Plan

A well-written flower shop business plan will be the key to getting funding for a flower business. Learn how to write a florist business plan with our guide.

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