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Interested in rehabilitation center funding?

At FundKite we have provided business funding for rehabilitation center of all types. Physical, substance and mental illness rehabilitation is no easy business. Running a facility responsible not only for patients’ everyday lives but also recovery requires a large network of experienced professionals and staff members. Working with legal, medical, and criminal justice professionals is costly, but necessary, as is the expense of licensing, staff training, program development, safety procedures, and all of the other elements of running a rehab facility. That’s why so many business owners are turning to funding for rehabilitation center for extra working capital to keep their facility running smoothly and efficiently

That’s where Fundkite comes in. Fundkite’s experienced underwriting team makes our application process incredibly fast, and our boutique financing allows our staff to develop an offer tailored to your business’s unique needs and growth goals. Most importantly, we believe in 100% transparency. Our experienced staff will walk you through every detail of your funding offer and answer any questions you may have. So take a look at what Fundkite can offer you and secure rehabilitation center funding today.


The recovery industry is constantly developing with new scientific and psychiatric studies. This means outdated licenses and certifications need to be constantly updated and renewed. Funding for rehabilitation center from Fundkite can help you pay for these never-ending costs with very little stress.


A rehab center requires a licensed therapist, psychiatrist, nurses, and certified staff that meet the staff-to-client ratio required by your state. Working with legal, medical, and criminal justice professionals is also an extremely important aspect of obtaining referrals for more patients.


A drop in funding from the federal government, more strict regulations from the state, or more competitors in the same niche shouldn’t prevent you from meeting your payroll obligations. Rehabilitation center funding from an alternative financier like Fundkite can help you stay on top and get ahead on your finances.

to help your rehabilitation center succeed

1. Connect with Your Community

You’re an integral part of the health community in your city or town, so take advantage of this. Connect with local business owners, organizations, charities, or events that you feel passionate about. Sometimes you can find clients in unsuspecting places and being more community-minded with your marketing can yield results down the line.

2. Ask for Customer Referrals

If your patients are happy with your services, chances are they would be happy to refer you to their friends and family. Sometimes all they need is a little push. And that kind of directive starts with you. As the owner of your business, you need to make sure that your employees understand the value of asking for customer reviews and implement this in their interactions.

3. Tweak Your SEO

The best way to reach new customers who need your help is through your SEO, or search engine optimization, game. Funding for rehabilitation center from an alternative funding partner like Fundkite can provide you with the capital you need to hire a professional to make sure that your SEO is on point. Don’t underestimate how important getting to the top of the Google search results page is to your success.

4. Circulate a Regular Newsletter

Your past and potential clients will appreciate you keeping in touch with them and letting them know about all of your successes and upcoming events. There are several newsletter software programs out there that can help you streamline this process efficiently and engage your patients in a genuine way.

– Our Handpicked Tips for Growth

Renovate Your Location

The truth is that you can only service so many patients at your current location size. So if you want to grow your business to maximize revenue, consider renovating or expanding your current property. There could be a ton of space that you don’t even realize you have. Talk to a contractor to see if they can provide you with a free estimate today. Funding for rehabilitation center from Fundkite can cover these construction costs.

Expertly Train Your Employees

Your employees already have a wealth of information under their belts. But there are constant innovations in the recovery industry, so you need to make sure that your staff is up on these developments. Organize monthly or weekly staff meetings where you discuss these issues so that your employees are as informed as they can be. The growth of your business depends on the knowledge of your staff.

Use Your Social Media Platform

Social media isn’t just for boutique shops or tech giants. Rehabilitation centers can utilize social media as well to get their names out there. It could be a smart idea to hire a professional to maximize your social media platform, and this can be expensive. But rehabilitation center funding from Fundkite can pay for these costs and set you up for success in the long run. There are many ways to grow your business, but social media is probably the #1 resource out there.


FundKite funding will provide you with working capital that considers your business’s particular financial requirements and goals. The experienced staff at Fundkite takes transparency very seriously and will provide you with direct answers to any questions you may have. Our Revenue Purchase Agreement is straight forward with funding amount and fees found easily on the first page.


Our in-house underwriters are passionate about getting you the funds you need to grow your business. That’s why we don’t look at your credit score alone, we consider more comprehensive aspects of your business which reflect on the health of your operations. We are passionate about helping your business succeed—the last thing we want is to impede your progress.


We understand how timing is everything when it comes to acquiring capital for your business. Receiving the funds you need three months from now might be too late. That’s why FundKite prides ourselves in putting cash into your hands as quickly as possible. Qualified applicants can receive funding in as soon as 24 hours.


Here at Fundkite, we believe that small businesses are the lifeblood of every community across this country. Our passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed is what motivates us to get out of bed every morning, and the joy we receive from watching our funding partners succeed is immeasurable. Let Fundkite back your business today and make sure that you have a leg up on the competition.


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