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Interested in Restaurant Funding?

The restaurant business is notoriously challenging. Market competition is staggering, and you need a solid business plan to scale your business and stand out. You may have the determination and drive to build a growing business, but it is still easy to fall short of the recipe for success in a cutting-edge industry. However, backing all your investments with robust restaurant funding can be the answer to all your woes!

You need working capital as financing for your restaurant. This funding can help cover operational costs, furnishing, maintenance expenses, and new marketing initiatives as you grow your brand.

When starting a new venture, it may take a while for customers to find you. Likewise, it takes time to build a solid and loyal customer base that returns for more of your delicious food and stellar service. Until you achieve a steady footfall of consumers, you may face slow days where it’s difficult to sustain the high overheads involved in running a restaurant. After all, you still need to look after your employees, pay for utilities, and maintain a fresh inventory of ingredients and supplies. At times like this, a steady and dependable cash flow is necessary to offset your operational costs. Restaurant funding can be helpful during this period.

But how do restaurant owners like yourself obtain restaurant funding to operate their businesses and achieve their goals?

Once you understand the details of your business plan and workflow, it is easy to secure the capital you need to achieve your long and short-term objectives. You can then choose to allocate these capital funds from a dependable source of investment toward vital strategic areas and improve your business operations. For example, restaurant business financing allows you to boost marketing, update equipment, or expand to a new location.

Restaurant funding involves obtaining the right working capital, either borrowed or financed from a third party, to help you start, develop, sustain, or update your restaurant business. Some restaurant owners choose to liquidate their assets or acquire high-interest loans with banks to fund their ventures. However, with high competition, the seasonality of sales, and an unpredictable market, this can be a risky move.

Instead of choosing these methods, look at alternative sources for your financing needs.

FundKite is changing the game with its customized funding options that help restaurants reach their maximum potential. We pride ourselves on our dedication to supporting small businesses and restaurants as they grow and prosper. Unlike banks and other institutions, we do not require perfect credit scores or make you jump through hoops to get your application approved. Instead, we believe in keeping our processes simple and effective so that you can focus on running your restaurant business.

If you want easy and transparent restaurant financing options, find out how FundKite is changing how small businesses receive funding!

Products & Services We Offer

FundKite provides restaurant business financing services to help your business grow and thrive. We provide:

  • An experienced underwriting team for fast and efficient approval processes
  • Boutique financing to create a tailor-made funding plan for your restaurant’s unique goals.
  • Working capital financing secured quickly to fund your day-to-day operations, with a steady cash flow to remain competitive.

Keep your customers and diners coming back for more with the right financing and help your business stay on top of its game!

The Benefits of Financing a Restaurant with FundKite

Many restaurant owners find it challenging to approach banks for financial assistance because the restaurant business model is often considered high-risk. Restaurants experience fluctuations in foot traffic daily and depend on customer loyalty to thrive, and there is always plenty of competition in the market.

While these are genuine problems, finding the right restaurant funding is easy and stress-free when you choose FundKite for your funding needs. Our skilled underwriters are well-versed in the specific requirements of restaurants and small businesses. As a result, we can offer highly customized restaurant financing options to manage your operational costs, upgrade your facilities, and scale new initiatives without worrying about high-interest rates and bank loans. With the right working capital funding, you can stay well ahead of the competition!

Here are a few benefits of using FundKite to finance a restaurant business:

Clarity and Transparency

We believe in the importance of transparency and open communication. Our straightforward Revenue Purchase Agreements clearly mention the funding amounts and other terms and conditions of the financing procedure, without any hidden fees or charges. Our staff has expertise with various business models and funding requirements, and is always available to clarify all your doubts or concerns about the funding process. We are dedicated to ensuring that you have all the information you need to obtain restaurant financing options that suit your business.

Easy, Stress-Free Approvals

We are passionate about the success of your business and will try our best to facilitate a hassle-free approval process with the help of our skilled team of in-house underwriters. Unlike other financing options, we don’t consider only your credit score. If you have a solid business plan, we can provide the restaurant business financing you need to help your business grow.

Support for Small Businesses

At FundKite, we believe that small businesses are the backbone of a thriving community. We are motivated by the desire to help entrepreneurs and restaurant owners scale new heights with their ventures. Our processes are simplified and customized for your small business, enabling you to perform efficiently and overcome operational challenges. With the help of our restaurant financing options, we can help you get ahead of the competition.

Fast Funding

In the restaurant business, timing is everything! We understand the need for prompt funding with rapid turnaround times for approvals. Our quick approval process aims to deliver restaurant financing options to qualified candidates in as little as 24 hours.

Why You Need Restaurant Financing

When running a restaurant, you may find yourself in need of funding, either to scale and grow your business or to cover operational costs. Here are a few situations where having access to restaurant financing options can be helpful:

  • Setting up a new business
  • Planning renovations or repairs for the restaurant space
  • Upgrading equipment
  • Expanding to new areas
  • Changing floor plans to accommodate increased customer footfall
  • Taking care of operational costs
  • Maintaining an emergency fund for unforeseen costs
  • Hiring trained and skilled staff
  • Adding new marketing initiatives or rebranding
  • Paying off outstanding debts
  • Planning and executing new revenue streams like catering or selling consumer packaged goods in the restaurant or dining area

Things to Consider While Applying with FundKite

FundKite provides financing options to restaurants nationwide, so we are well-acquainted with the hospitality industry and its challenges. As a result, we also provide funding for hospitality businesses. We understand the need for restaurant funding at the right time to keep up with changing trends, high customer footfalls during busy seasons, and the rising costs of consumables, utilities, and human resources.


Here are a few things to consider when applying for restaurant business financing from FundKite:

  • You must show that you have been in business and operational for at least one year.
  • Ensure that you can provide at least four months of business bank statements
  • Your restaurant should have an average monthly revenue of $30,000 or more.

Important Aspects to Follow

The right restaurant funding plan will enable you to expand and scale your business while staying ahead of the competition. When you have a solid business plan, investments and cash flow at the right time can be the tools you need to improve your income from the booming restaurant business and ease the burden of your day-to-day operations.


FROM $100,000 TO $2,000,000

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Fundkite is a game changing institution dedicated to helping small businesses reach their maximum potential.


If approved, you should receive the funds you need within 24 hours.

To get approved for restaurant funding, we require at least 4-months of business bank statements, along with records showing that you have been in business for at least a year and have a monthly revenue of $30,000 or more

When evaluating your business for financing, we consider much more than your credit score. With a solid business framework, a well-thought-out business plan, and healthy financial statements, your restaurant business can easily get the funding it needs to stay ahead of the curve!
FundKite can provide up to $2,000,000 as restaurant business financing after evaluating your eligibility and funding needs.
No. FundKite is 100% transparent about its terms and conditions. We ensure that you are well informed about the details of the restaurant funding process.
FundKite does not require any collateral when we provide funding for restaurant businesses.
FundKite offers short-term lengths of as little as 220 business days. We also consider longer terms when required.

You need proof that you have been in business for at least a year, with monthly revenue of at least $30,000, and a 4-month financial statement from your business bank account to get approved for hotel funding.

Unlike banks, we do not charge interest rates when offering financing options for restaurants. Instead, we collect a small portion of your sales when customers pay your restaurant for its services.