OneHope Wine

A Unique Approach to Marketing

OneHope Wine

Imagine if there was a really high quality product out there that allowed you to indulge while simultaneously put good out into the world…

Eight recently out of college visionaries imagined such a product, and through smart business marketing, made it happen. With 168 cases of wine, a storage unit and just enough naivety, they called on friends and family members to help them make the world a better place through wine, because #WineNot? While still working to get @onehope off the ground, they met Robert Mondavi Jr., son of the owner of the famous Robert Mondavi Winery in Napa Valley, CA. When Mondavi Jr. first tried OneHope wines, he told them the business model is great… but the wines are horrible! So he offered to help. Now OneHope wines are primarily sourced from the Mondavi vineyards, and the excellent quality is a major contributor to their base of repeat customers.


OneHope has a unique approach for their business model, taking full advantage of the ECommerce age. Employees, referred to as CEOs, work remotely off of commission, making their own hours and taking up to 25% of their sales. There’s no paying for inventory or stock, just hosting wine tastings, spreading the good word and a yearly storefront link fee. OneHope has created a way to be your own boss without the high risks of failure typical with entrepreneurship. CEOs can choose their own cause to support, and every wine tasting host chooses their cause to donate to as well. They call themselves, ‘social entrepreneurs,’ raising funds for those in need and pursuing their personal hustle.

OneHope Wine CEO

Using merit-based marketing, OneHope and their CEOs are able to make an income while giving back, AND their wine production ensures a balance with the land they use. OneHope foundation states that 94% of people would rather shop at a business that gives back, and that knowledge seems to be working for them. Fortune 500 companies made $31.2 trillion in 2015. If 1% of that were donated to charity, $3.1 billion would have been donated.

Think your company could gain more traffic by donating a percentage of the profits?

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