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Interested in funding for your liquor store?

Fundkite has provided funding for liquor store chains and independently owned across the country. Running a liquor store is all about creating a welcoming community for wine, beer, and spirit lovers to share their passion. But practical business strategies like building your brand, marketing new products, establishing an online presence, and training employees are just as critical for your success. The problem is that most store owners don’t have the funds on hand to invest in these endeavors and aren’t sure how to secure funding for their business.

That’s where Fundkite comes in. Fundkite’s experienced underwriting team makes our application process incredibly fast, and our boutique funding for liquor stores allows our staff to create an offer tailored to your business’s unique needs and growth goals. Most importantly, we believe in 100% transparency. Our experienced staff will walk you through every detail of your funding offer and will answer any questions you may have. So take a look at what Fundkite can offer you and secure funding for your liquor store today.


We all know that you need to spend money to make money. So if you’ve overextended your finances a bit, don’t worry. Funding for liquor store from Fundkite can help you pay down your debt today and consolidate your monthly bills.


Running a wine and liquor store requires a well trained staff that can educate and enlighten prospective customers, Beyond tasting samples, learning the world of aged whiskey and nitro brews can turn into on investment.


Great liquor stores merchandize their wares as if they are selling jewels. Stand out from your competitors with a beautiful showcase display that people can't help but buy from.

to make your liquor store stand out

1. Host events

Mixology tutorials, whiskey tastings, and wine pairings can help bring in new customers and move a fleet of top-dollar bottles off the shelf. If you want to host these events yourself, remember they will require well-trained and knowledgeable staff members, which can be paid for with funding for liquor stores from Fundkite. If you don’t want the hassle, talk to local breweries, distilleries, or winemakers to see if they’d like to run a tasting of their own.

2. lengthen your hours

Extending your hours until the legal limits of your town or city can introduce your business to a new clientele base. Consider how much you’ll pay in staff and energy costs versus how much revenue staying open a few hours extra will produce and adjust accordingly. Testing out these new hours for a month or so could open up your eyes to a market you didn’t even know existed.

3. Partner with locals

It seems like every day there's a new craft brewery or small-batch whiskey producer. Reach out to your closest brewery—or maybe just one you like in your area—to see if you can set up a partnership. If they give you a deal on some cases, you can put their products front and center in your display. Establishing positive word of mouth is crucial for neighborhood liquor stores, and this is a great way to do just that.


Customers appreciate a deal. And the best part about rewards programs are that they not only provide this for your clientele but give them an incentive for returning to your store again and again. It’s also a great way to collect your customer’s information so you can send them marketing material in the future.


How many customers are you missing because they can’t drive to your liquor store? How many of your current customers would rather receive a Friday night delivery from you than drive to your store after work? Creating a delivery system can provide your customers with that personal touch that they enjoy. Plus, you can add a delivery fee on top to increase profits.


Pick a beer, liquor, and wine each month to feature and offer at a discount. As we mentioned above, partnering with neighborhood libation makers is a localized way to approach this marketing strategy. But don’t be afraid to reach out to your national distributors to see if they’d like a front row display in your store in return for some discounts.

– Tips for Success

Liquor Store Ideas for Up and Cross-Selling

A great way to increase customer purchases and deliver a better customer experience is cross-product promotions. A simple way of doing this is by offering a discount for buying 3 items of the same brand. For example, if a customer is purchasing a bottle of plain vodka, you might offer a package of regular vodka as well as orange-flavored and lemon-flavored vodka at a discount. This will encourage customers to buy more.

Liquor Store Promotional Ideas Can Increase Customer Return Rates

Besides loyalty programs, receipt coupons are great strategies to get your customers coming back for more. Coupons have a unique advantage over loyalty programs because they allow the merchant to control when they would like the customer to return. For example, when a customer buys a certain item, you can issue a coupon for that same item valid for only 5 days. This means a customer who would like to take advantage of the offer will have to return sooner than normal.

Product Bundles and Liquor Store Promotions

Bundling products is another great way to increase customer spending. Many people would rather purchase a boxed cocktail set than look for all of the individual products. This gives you a great opportunity to include brands that result in a higher profit margin. People also like the opportunity to try new products. If you recently received a new product in your liquor store, try offering it at a discounted rate paired with a popular product. Customers will be much more likely to give it a try.

Events Can Improve Liquor Store Sales

Competing with online shops and delivery services is difficult, but it’s hard to replace the experience of actually walking through a liquor store. A great way of taking the shopping experience to another level is by hosting events or showcasing certain products. Obviously, this requires more planning and advertising which will come with higher upfront costs. However, some of your liquor vendors and distributors might be interested in advertising opportunities, and suppliers always want to promote their brands. This will lower your investment, improve your relationship with your brands, and, most importantly, get more people into your store!


FundKite funding will provide you with working capital that considers your business’s particular financial requirements and goals. The experienced staff at Fundkite takes transparency very seriously and will provide you with direct answers to any questions you may have. Our Revenue Purchase Agreement is straight forward with funding amount and fees found easily on the first page.


Our in-house underwriters are passionate about getting you the funds you need to grow your business. That’s why we don’t look at your credit score alone, we consider more comprehensive aspects of your business which reflect on the health of your operations. We are passionate about helping your business succeed—the last thing we want is to impede your progress.


We understand how timing is everything when it comes to acquiring capital for your business. Receiving the funds you need three months from now might be too late. That’s why FundKite prides ourselves in putting cash into your hands as quickly as possible. Qualified applicants can receive funding in as soon as 24 hours.


Here at Fundkite, we believe that small businesses are the lifeblood of every community across this country. Our passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed is what motivates us to get out of bed every morning, and the joy we receive from watching our funding partners succeed is immeasurable. Let Fundkite back your business today and make sure that you have a leg up on the competition.


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